Why so many Brits are considering cosmetic surgery - but refusing to talk about it - Uvence A Revolutionary Treatment
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Why so many Brits are considering cosmetic surgery – but refusing to talk about it

2020 has left many of us feeling as though our appearances are in need of some extra attention. Over 3 million Brits have admitted that the increased number of zoom meetings – and heightened focus on their face – have made them think about cosmetic or plastic surgery options. But despite the fact that there are millions of people in Britain considering cosmetic surgeries and procedures, it seems that very few people are willing to talk about the prospect openly.

For a long time, cosmetic surgery has largely been a subject we’ve avoided talking about – but getting procedures done is no longer a luxury exclusive to the minority. Now, there are a wide variety of cosmetic treatments that are very accessible to the general, both in terms of cost and availability, and as a result we are seeing more and more people decide to take the step into the world of cosmetic treatments, particularly since the end of the first lockdown back in August. But although many cosmetic clinics have reported a considerable increase in bookings this year in comparison with last year, there still seems to be a collective reluctance to talk openly about the subject.

Sadly, many of us can sometimes feel either ashamed or embarrassed when it comes to altering our appearances. While cosmetic surgery should certainly not be the first port of call when it comes to being happy with the way that we look, opening the discussion to the world of cosmetics means that we gain more acceptance and awareness around it, which can be very beneficial to anyone considering a procedure.

Talking extensively with friends, family and trusted specialists is very important when thinking about cosmetic procedures and surgeries, and it is high time that the stigma around cosmetic treatments is removed, to give people the confidence to explore the wide range of options now available to them. And, whilst cosmetic surgery is certainly an option to many, there are now a wide variety of minimally invasive, minor treatments which do not require lengthy recovery times or dramatic aesthetic changes.

Uvence is a fantastic option for those who want to achieve healthy, vibrant and youthful skin, without having to undergo any major procedures or treatments. Uvence offers patients a more natural alternative to traditional filler and botox, by utilising one’s own cells to help enhance and plump our existing features.

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