When it comes to cosmetic treatments, fat is your friend - Uvence A Revolutionary Treatment
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When it comes to cosmetic treatments, fat is your friend

Fat has been made out to be our worst enemy for decades, but in fact, our own tissue is one of the most powerful tools of rejuvenation


For decades, fat has been demonised in our diets, lifestyles and outward appearances. Companies everywhere have designed and marketed ‘fat-free’ products, whilst thousands of ad campaigns across several industries have displayed fat as extremely undesirable.

In more recent times though, research around fat has evolved. Many nutritionists and scientists now believe that fat should not be our main concern. Fat has been unfairly scandalised, both in terms of our diets and our general health.

The same can also be said for one’s appearance. When it comes to healthy looking skin, fat is your best friend.

As we age, we lose facial fat. When we are young, we have healthy, fuller faces – think of a baby with their chubby cheeks. But when you look at an older person, their skin can look weathered and tired. This begs the question – how can we harness the power of fat to maintain a healthy appearance?

Nano-fat grafting – an alternative to Botox and filler

In the cosmetic surgery industry, fat’s reputation is also changing. Botox and filler clinics have dominated the market for years, but nano-fat grafting is now becoming an increasingly popular (and much more natural-looking) alternative to hyaluronic acid fillers. Nano-fat grafting procedure looks very similar to that of fillers and Botox, but offers a unique range of benefits that set the procedure apart from fillers.

The procedure begins with a mini or micro liposuction technique, which can be carried out quickly and easily under local anaesthetic. The fat tissue is then purified to create a liquid which is made up of nothing but biochemically active molecules renowned for repair. This liquid can then be re-injected to rejuvenate the skin, achieving a natural, rejuvenated look which lasts for several months.

Instead of relying on synthetic substances, nano-fat grafting uses a patient’s own cells to achieve incredible results. This makes the procedure far less risky, as the fluid is accepted back into the body with no chance of rejection. Not only that, but the long-term costs are much cheaper compared to other fillers, as the results can last for several months at a time.

The rise of nano-fat grafting really does show that, when it comes to one’s appearance, fat really is your best friend. Nano-fat grafting is by no means the only procedure that uses the benefits of fat, though.

Fat in cosmetic surgery

The evolution of cosmetic surgery is pointing towards a major increase in the use of fat in a variety of cosmetic procedures.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in recent years there has been a 13% increase of minimally invasive cosmetic fat injections and a 72% increase in breast augmentations using fat grafting. This is widely attributed to the fact that the material injected is the patient’s own fat, reducing the likelihood of complications and offering long-lasting results.

After having fat removed from a problem area via liposuction, it can be completely repurposed. There is the option to transfer it to other areas of the body. Options like Uvence allow the re-injection of the patient’s own fat, allowing them to harness the rejuvenating capabilities of their own cells.

How Uvence uses fat to rejuvenate your skin

Uvence creates its personalised products from a patient’s own fat cells, which are extracted by an initial micro-liposuction. Uvence harnesses the rejuvenating properties of active molecules found within these cells to help improve the look, feel and complexion of problem areas of the skin; including the face, neck, décolletage and hands. Unlike other treatments, the procedure uses completely natural and 100% personalised extracts, which will work only with each individual patient’s skin without risk of rejection.



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