Uvence – putting some truth behind the fountain of youth - Uvence A Revolutionary Treatment
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Uvence – putting some truth behind the fountain of youth

The quest for the Fountain of Youth is a story we’ve all heard. A magical spring that restores your age when you bathe in it. The problem with the Fountain of Youth is that it uses magic to restore your youth, and unfortunately, that type of magic isn’t accessible to us. Our goal at Uvence is to try and recreate these results and make them accessible to people from the comfort of their own cosmetic doctor.

While we know we can’t stop the ageing process, we do know we can slow it down. Our natural procedure can reset the clock on ageing, and do it without the lasting effects of surgery, or by introducing unnatural substances and potentially harmful toxins into your body.

The Uvence procedure:

First, a Uvence-approved surgeon carries out the extraction process via mini or micro-liposuction. This procedure is minimally invasive, and requires little to no recovery time on the part of the patient.

Secondly, once the patient’s fat tissue has been extracted, it is transported to one of Uvence’s processing facilities. The fat tissue goes through an extensive purification process, resulting in a highly refined fluid called “Super Enriched Tissue”, which is full of biochemically active molecules associated with skin repair and rejuvenation.

The Super Enriched Tissue is then frozen in our cryogenic storage facility, and can remain there for up to five years, ready to be reinjected at the patient’s request.

When we receive a request from a patient for a reinjection procedure, their personal Super Enriched Tissue is transported to their Uvence approved clinic of choice, where a Uvence approved surgeon or cosmetic doctor can re-inject the tissue at the patient’s discretion.

Super Enriched Tissue can be reinjected almost anywhere on the body, and will have an immediate effect in smoothing the skin and achieving greater vibrancy. The effect of Super Enriched Tissue can last for several months, as the skin continues to repair and rejuvenate.

This process can be repeated for up to five times for a full course of Uvence treatment.

Currently, we have approved clinics in London and southern England. Due to our extensive waiting list, we are developing labs and more storage facilities which will allow us to deliver our service to 40 clinics across the UK over the next two to three years.


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