The rise of cosmetic treatments for men - Uvence A Revolutionary Treatment
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The rise of cosmetic treatments for men

When we think of cosmetic treatments and anti-ageing, we often think of these treatments as being aimed at women. Lots of research has been published about the impact of lockdown on women, from stress induced ageing to restrictions on their beauty regimes, but more and more men are now turning to cosmetic treatments to combat ageing and boost their self-esteem.

Brand new research from Uvence shows a huge proportion of men believe they have aged more during lockdown than any other time in their lives. Millions of men in Britain are reporting noticeable signs of premature ageing, and are now on the lookout for discreet treatments to boost their skin and appearance.

The consequences of the pandemic have impacted the health, wellbeing and vitality of people everywhere, but Uvence chief medical officer Dr. Olivier Amar has seen a huge increase in men who have never even considered getting a treatment before getting in touch to organise consultations to learn more about their options.

Dr. Amar says that a lot of men who book consultations are looking for options that are discreet and subtle. This is one of the reasons behind such an increase in demand amongst men for minimally invasive treatments. According to Dr. Amar, another key concern amongst many men who book consultations is the potential harm of injecting foreign substances and synthetic materials into their body.

Uvence aims to meet this rising demand, for discreet, subtle and natural treatments, offering a revolutionary new procedure which represents an entirely natural skincare solution for men and women alike.

Our treatment works by purifying a patient’s own fat cells to create 100 percent natural and personalised injectables. These injectables are then cryogenically preserved to ensure that a patient has access to their treatments on-demand over the course of five years, giving them total control over their course of treatment.

Uvence’s “Super Enriched Tissue” can be injected anywhere in the body to visibly revive, smooth and soften skin. The all-natural makeup of Uvence’s injectables means that patients can confidently take control of their treatment in the knowledge that there are no artificial or synthetic substances involved in the procedure.

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