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New Year, New You?

A second lockdown could fuel huge demand for cosmetic treatments and surgeries in the New Year 

The nationwide lockdown that is currently in effect in England will likely trigger a huge increase in demand for cosmetic treatments in the New Year, as the physical and mental effects of life and work in a winter lockdown will drive thousands to revitalise and enhance their appearance.

The first Coronavirus lockdown in Britain resulted in what has been called a ‘Zoom Boom’ of cosmetic surgeries and procedures such as Botox and fillers, with clinics across the country reporting a marked increase in new patients. The Cadogan Clinic in London reported a 100% increase in treatments in August and September 2020 vs. 2019, reporting a major increase in enquiries for procedures to combat signs of premature ageing and tiredness around the forehead, eyes and neck. Now though, with England facing a second lockdown, cosmetic surgeons and clinics are expecting to see a second ‘Zoom Boom’ phenomenon in the New Year, which may be even larger than the first.

In addition to the consequences of the lockdown itself, other factors such as the shorter winter days and lack of sunlight, reduced activity levels and stressful work periods associated with the run up to Christmas, are all going to have a compounding effect. This will arguably make this lockdown even more impactful on the mental and physical wellbeing, and in turn self-image, of thousands of people across the country.

How the Zoom Boom phenomenon works

As an area that relies so heavily on personal interactions and close proximity, the pandemic had a devastating effect on the beauty industry at first, as people were unable to access any kind of cosmetic treatment for several months. 

However, as Britain exited the first national lockdown, the demand for cosmetic treatments exploded, as thousands of people across the country suffered from the effects of the lifestyle changes brought about by the pandemic. Now the country is facing a second lockdown, but this time in a much more stressful working period, with less daylight, and as a result, lowered levels of activity. That’s why many industry professionals are expecting a second Zoom Boom in the New Year. January 1st is also associated with a renewed desire to improve one’s appearance and physical health – this could also factor into many people’s decisions to bite the bullet and book in for a revitalising cosmetic procedure.

At Uvence, we are able to offer 100% natural, rejuvenative skin treatments, which do not require any invasive surgery. When the UK exited the first national lockdown, we received a huge number of enquiries – we are now offering a waiting list, to ensure that we are able to cater to as many people as possible following the second national lockdown.

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