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Inclusivity by design

Personalisation in beauty and cosmetic treatments is more than shades of foundation. In today’s blog, leading cosmetic surgeon and CMO of Uvence, Dr. Olivier Amar, discusses the future of the beauty industry and why, when it comes to cosmetic treatments, what’s best for you – is you.


In the past, the beauty market was a litany of stereotypes and exclusion – the representation of beauty in the media and advertising was in no way diverse, and the products on the market only catered to a specific section of society. Now though, many companies and clinics are working to diminish limitations and increase diversity, both in terms of representation in modelling and marketing, but also the range of products on offer.

However, true inclusivity in the beauty and cosmetic treatment industry goes well beyond offering more shades of foundation or ensuring a representative spread of models in product marketing. In most cosmetic treatment clinics and beauty salons, the products and treatments on offer are one-size-fits-all – even the best dermal fillers, chemical peels and even more invasive treatments ultimately offer the same procedure, and do not take into account the needs and specific requirements of each individual.

Cosmetic treatment firm Uvence is one example of a company which is striving to change this, by using cutting edge technology and an inclusive perspective on beauty and wellness to offer 100% personalised treatments, unique to every individual.

The Uvence system uses purified extracts of a patient’s live tissue to rejuvenate and repair skin. Once purified, a patient’s “super enriched tissue” can be re-injected to boost elasticity and vibrancy of the skin immediately, with long lasting results. The 100% natural injectables can also be cryo-preserved for up to 5 years, providing every patient with a long-term skincare solution totally unique to their physical make-up.

We have seen that the beauty industry has been pushing for more diversity and inclusivity in recent years, but until now we have not seen any major attempt to offer a skincare or beauty solution which takes into account that every single individual is different and unique. Ultimately, the industry places little value on the importance of personalisation.

At Uvence, we believe that the best thing for you – is you. By that, we mean that your body is completely unique, and that means that your beauty and cosmetic treatments should also be personalised and unique to you.

The future of the beauty industry will be hyper personal – as the focus on diversity and inclusivity increases, we will see more and more products that attempt to cater to people of all backgrounds. Uvence is one step ahead, and we are committed to leading the charge towards a truly personalised and diverse future for the beauty and cosmetic treatment industry.


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