How the pandemic permanently disrupted the cosmetic industry - Uvence A Revolutionary Treatment
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How the pandemic permanently disrupted the cosmetic industry

The pandemic has impacted every industry in some way, and the cosmetic industry is certainly not exempt from this. From the types of treatments we’re now seeking, to the larger number of people considering treatment; the impacts have been significant and vast. Recently, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) released the 2020 results of its annual trends report, shedding light on exactly how the pandemic affected the industry.

Although the total number of procedures declined as a result of lockdown and social restrictions, the report found that 11% of women are now more interested in cosmetic treatments than they were before COVID. This comes alongside research from Uvence which reveals that over 3 million Brits are considering a treatment this year because of the impact of the pandemic on their appearance.

Cosmetic injectables remained the most popular treatment, with many existing patients enquiring to reschedule months of missed appointments once clinics reopened, as well as patients enquiring for the first time. Approximately 13.3 million smaller-scale treatments were recorded in 2020, with an overall diverse interest in minimally invasive treatments.

However, while trends in the United States clearly have a large influence on cosmetic treatments in the UK, this relation is expected to become more reciprocal in the coming months. The demand for naturally based cosmetic treatments is rising, with research from Uvence showing that over 6 million Brits have considered a treatment, but are mindful of introducing unnatural substances into their body. This trend has meant that many patients are now opting for natural alternatives to synthetic treatments.

Uvence have created a natural alternative to traditional and synthetic treatments that use external agents and toxins. The treatment creates its personalised products from a patient’s own fat cells, which are extracted by an initial micro or mini liposuction. Uvence harnesses the rejuvenating properties of active molecules found within these cells to help improve the look, feel and complexion of problem areas of the skin; including the face, neck, décolletage and hands.

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