How the pandemic has helped to open the conversation about cosmetic procedures - Uvence A Revolutionary Treatment
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How the pandemic has helped to open the conversation about cosmetic procedures

As society gradually starts to reopen after months of lockdown, thousands of people across the UK are waiting for April 12th, as this marks the return of beauty clinics and salons. Many of us have been unable to maintain our appearances in ways we usually would due to restrictions – but increasing numbers have also become hyperaware of their appearances after a year of remote working and isolation, leading to a new influx of potential patients.

Research from Uvence reveals that over 6 million people (15%) in Britain are looking to undergo a cosmetic procedure in 2021, over and above their regular beauty treatments. However, along with the rise of people considering a treatment is an increasing transparency around the topic of cosmetics. As more of us are seeking methods of enhancement, the conversation around procedures and treatments is also opening up.

It has been easy to compare ourselves to idealised standards of beauty that are regularly shared on social media, especially during a time in which our own levels of self-confidence have taken a dive. During this time, some influencers have decided to come clean about their own procedures, detailing what they have had done and the reasons why. But how can talking about cosmetic treatments and being more honest around the topic be beneficial as we emerge from lockdown?

Considering having a cosmetic treatment is nothing to be ashamed of, and the honest conversations that we are having around this topic are helping to change the taboo. However, what is most important is that by being more open about cosmetics, we become more informed about the logistics of procedures and also gain a better understanding of the reasons why we’re seeking them. Whether surgical or non-surgical, treatments are something that should be carefully considered, and within a wide range of alternative options.

During the past year, it has been a common theme that we have become more aware and critical of our appearances as a result of the impact of lockdown, and this has influenced the decision of many to go out and seek treatment post-lockdown. Lots of people are now opting for more natural and subtle tweakments rather than more dramatic surgeries. Uvence is an example of an effective and natural cosmetic treatment – the procedure utilises the regenerative potential of one’s own purified cells for skin rejuvenation, improving the overall texture and plumpness of skin over the long-term.

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