How new technologies diversified the cosmetic industry - Uvence A Revolutionary Treatment
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How new technologies diversified the cosmetic industry

Like many industries, technology is transforming the beauty arena. The development of new cosmetic technologies in recent years has in turn boosted the capabilities of surgeons, cosmetic doctors, and beauty experts to deliver better, more effective treatments. However, when the pandemic forced clinics across the country to close, the industry devoted even more time to focus on research and development, and this brought more innovative treatments to the table, such as Uvence.

In addition to the innovation that has occurred within the arena, clinics across the country have reported a marked increase in new patients emerging from lockdown. This has also led to a significant shift in what sort of treatments patients are seeking, as the demand for naturally based cosmetic treatments is rising. Research from Uvence shows that over 6 million Brits have considered a cosmetic treatment but are mindful of introducing unnatural substances into their body, highlighting how many people now prefer natural looking surgeries and treatments that are subtle yet effective.

The Uvence treatment is a prime example of innovation within the cosmetic arena; the properties of the procedure make it both naturally based and bespoke. Uvence combines minimally invasive liposuction and tissue purification with cryogenic storage to make high-end, regenerative treatments available in clinics across the UK. The treatment represents the UK’s first on-demand, natural biofiller treatment, using a patient’s own super enriched tissue to accelerate the skin’s self-repair process and provide immediate and long-lasting skin rejuvenation.

Considering the growing desire for personalised and more natural beauty products, the cosmetic industry is anticipating that these types of treatments will boom in popularity in 2021. This is especially true when considering how the beauty and wellness industry has responded to calls for more diversity and inclusion in their range of products to enable consumers from diverse backgrounds to benefit from new products and treatments.

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