Has Zoom accelerated the growing demand for male cosmetic treatments? - Uvence A Revolutionary Treatment
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Has Zoom accelerated the growing demand for male cosmetic treatments?

Research from The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons reveals that a third of its members saw an increase in enquires from men last year. While there are various reasons for this rise, such as the impact of a year of lockdown on our appearances, the use of Zoom calls for both corporate and personal purposes has contributed to a spike in the demand for cosmetic treatments amongst men.

Uvence unveils research which shows that 9% (3.2 million) of Brits say that the increased number of Zoom meetings and heightened focus on their face have made them reconsider cosmetic surgery options. However, while society has previously associated self-care and facial rejuvenation with women, male interest around facial cosmetic treatments has rapidly increased, and contributed to breaking down this gender divide. Male tweakments have become a more common theme in the beauty world, with research from Uvence revealing that 11% of British men feel that they look at least five years older as a result of the stress and anxiety brought about by lockdown and the pandemic.

The global market for cosmetic surgery is expected to be worth $67bn by 2026, and the pandemic has contributed to a growing consumer interest within the cosmetic industry. A significant number of us have become highly conscious of our facial aesthetics and premature ageing, with research from Uvence showing that over 3 million Brits are considering a treatment because of signs of stress and ageing caused by the pandemic.

Cosmetic practitioners saw a huge increase in people not only signing up for cosmetic procedures in the weeks preceding the reopening of the beauty industry, but also men who have never even considered getting a treatment before getting in touch to organise consultations to learn more about their options. There is now a widespread demand for treatments that can help men to revitalise their skin and combat premature ageing, and the development of Uvence represents a landmark moment in on-demand natural skin treatments.

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