Does the next 10 years of cosmetic procedures spell the decline of unnatural substances? - Uvence A Revolutionary Treatment
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Does the next 10 years of cosmetic procedures spell the decline of unnatural substances?

Every industry must adapt and evolve to address the changing desires of consumers, and the cosmetics industry is not exempt from this. With increasing numbers of patients considering treatment, largely as a result of the impact of lockdown on our appearances, there is a new demand for methods of cosmetic enhancement. But while the past decade has seen huge shifts in the industry, such as with the rise of tweakments, we are already foreseeing the next wave of change – and the emphasis has been placed on what is being used in treatments.

Filler treatments have become a particularly popular option amongst patients during the past few years, partly as a result of high-profile individuals who have opened up about their experiences with them. One of the primary ingredients in most dermal fillers is hyaluronic acid, which adds volume and fills in wrinkles wherever desired – whether that be for plumping lips, for wrinkles around the eye area, or in the jaw or cheeks.

Interest in cosmetic treatments has boomed over the past decade, consequently meaning that the industry has evolved to address our changing desires. From the way treatments are administered, to the variety of procedures that are now available in the market; the industry is constantly in flux, and cosmetic doctors and practitioners are looking for new and innovative ways to evolve. One of the most common themes is that patients are now more mindful than ever before about what is being used in cosmetic treatments, with a particular emphasis and demand for natural solutions.

Research from Uvence shows that we are becoming increasingly conscious of what is being used in treatments, particularly when it comes to external agents. Over 6 million Brits have considered a cosmetic treatment, but do not want to introduce unnatural substances into their bodies. As the demand for natural solutions for our appearances continues to grow, this is set to dramatically change the landscape of treatments in the coming years, and now this has been addressed by Uvence.

Uvence have created a natural alternative to traditional and synthetic treatments that use external agents and toxins. The treatment creates its personalised products from a patient’s own fat cells, which are extracted by an initial micro or mini liposuction. Uvence harnesses the rejuvenating properties of active molecules found within these cells to help improve the look, feel and complexion of problem areas of the skin; including the face, neck, décolletage and hands.


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