Does cosmetic surgery work long-term if our foundations aren’t healthy? - Uvence A Revolutionary Treatment
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Does cosmetic surgery work long-term if our foundations aren’t healthy?

The accessibility and quality of cosmetic treatments and surgeries have increased exponentially in recent years, meaning that more people than ever before are opting to undergo a procedure to combat the signs of ageing and enhance their appearance. Research from Uvence found that over 14 million people across the nation are experiencing visible signs of stress and premature ageing, so it is no wonder that superficial tweakments such as facial fillers, Botox, face/neck lifts and liposuction are hugely popular, as the relatively safe and less-invasive nature of the treatment provides an effective option for people looking to boost tired skin, smooth out wrinkles and reduce excess fat. 

However, whilst tweakments and surgeries can artificially enhance our appearance, regenerative treatments can harness and re-apply the rejuvenative potential of the body’s own cells to effectively boost the vibrancy and long term health of our skin. Procedures such as platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) and adipose derived stem-cells (ADSC) treatments can actively help our bodies to speed up the recovery process of our cells, resulting in healthy, vibrant skin which continues to rejuvenate long after the initial procedure is carried out.  

The results of cosmetic surgeries and procedures are likely to decline over time if we are unable to maintain the health of our skin. Much like a house built on weak foundations, even the best cosmetic surgeries may not be able to offer the desired aesthetic long term without the patient working to maintain the health of their skin. As a result, it is essential that patients explore a variety of methods to nurture and repair skin in order to avoid some potentially unpleasant results and side effects of cosmetic treatments, such as accentuated crevices, sunken skin and expressionless faces brought about by excess use of Botox, dissolved fillers and tired facelifts.

With the underlying quality of our cells and our skin playing a key role in not only the success of any cosmetic surgeries and tweakments, but also our overall longevity and the speed of the ageing process, we are now coming to understand the importance of boosting our skin’s natural repair systems and the potential for regenerative treatments over cosmetic tweakments.

Rejuvenative treatments, such as Uvence, help to replenish our skin’s natural health. The procedure cryogenically preserves purified extracts of a patient’s own fat tissue for reinjection in the form of a ‘biofiller’. The patient also has full control over their treatment process, and can choose to have their super enriched tissue reinjected multiple times at any point over the course of 5 years, which provides a long-lasting and hugely beneficial regenerative boost to the patient’s skin.

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