Britain's new look: how the end of lockdown will bring a boom in cosmetic treatments - Uvence A Revolutionary Treatment
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Britain’s new look: how the end of lockdown will bring a boom in cosmetic treatments

Earlier this week, the government announced that Britain is set to come out of lockdown in adherence with the initially proposed timings, with the national lockdown to expire on December 2nd and a tiered regional lockdown system to remain in place until March.

With this in mind, the beauty and cosmetic treatment arenas are likely to enjoy a huge and well-needed boost after a month of full lockdown, with patients eager to return to the maintenance of their usual treatments and explore new procedures. It’s highly likely that clinics across the country will be taking on thousands of appointments, particularly as the relaxation of the lockdown coincides with the run up to Christmas.

Just as we saw the first ‘Zoom Boom’ after the first national lockdown ended back in August, for the past month we have had far more time on our hands at home, with rates of home-based working climbing yet again and our access to beauty clinics, as well as other leisure facilities such as spas and gyms, completely restricted.

This second lockdown has been a particularly difficult time for many of us, and a period of significant self-reflection when it comes to our appearances. Our research recently found that 6 million Brits feel that they look at least 5 years older as a result of the stress and anxiety brought about by lockdown and the pandemic. If you are considering cosmetic treatments, Uvence is a natural and non-surgical solution which utilises patients’ own cells to help rejuvenate and plump the skin, steering clear from toxins found in traditional filler treatments.

As we look to come out of lockdown within the next couple of weeks, we’re preparing for a wealth of new enquiries for cosmetic treatments, and have built up a considerable waiting list. With this in mind, we will soon be looking to offer Uvence treatments in more clinics throughout London and beyond, with plans to work with clinics across the country in the following months so that people across Britain are able to access the rejuvenative benefits of their own tissue.

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