Are we now choosing natural plumpness over volume when it comes to cosmetic treatments? - Uvence A Revolutionary Treatment
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Are we now choosing natural plumpness over volume when it comes to cosmetic treatments?

Beauty ideals are, and always have been, in flux. The desired look when it comes to our aesthetics has dramatically changed over the past few decades, with new trends and treatments constantly being introduced to the consumer. However, it seems that one ideal is set to stay for the long-haul. When seeking cosmetic treatments, we are no longer wanting increased mass or extreme volume in our features, but more subtle plumping enhancements that are effective yet not immediately obvious.

Research from Uvence reveals that over 6 million Brits have considered getting a cosmetic treatment, but do not want to introduce unnatural substances into their body. This sentiment also feeds into how the types of treatments we are seeking have changed. Although the likes of filler are still popular – whether that be cheek, lip, or jaw – there is a growing reluctance around cosmetic treatments that appear too extreme.

As increasing numbers of people are considering undergoing a cosmetic procedure to combat the impact of lockdown on their appearance – with Uvence’s research revealing that this figure stands at over 3 million in the UK – many practitioners are noticing that patients are opting for more subtle tweakments rather than more dramatic surgeries. Although this has been a common theme for some time within the cosmetics arena, it seems that now more than ever people want to achieve a simple and subtle rejuvenation of the skin. As more naturally based procedures are taking precedent, it is clear that we’re now approaching cosmetics with a desire to still look ‘natural’.

Uvence is an example of a cosmetic treatment that subtly enhances the appearance of skin, rather than creating any drastic change in the patient’s appearance. The treatment is naturally based as it utilises one’s own purified cells to smooth and plump the targeted area – whether that be the face, neck, hands, or décolletage. The innovative properties of the treatment mean that it is bespoke, thereby stepping away from traditional cosmetic treatments that dramatically increase the volume of our features using artificial properties.

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