Are the days of the fortnightly facial over? - Uvence A Revolutionary Treatment
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Are the days of the fortnightly facial over?

After several months of lockdown restrictions which forced many UK sectors to temporarily close, we will begin to see the gradual reopening of society in the coming weeks. April 12th is the set date for the resurgence of the cosmetics world, which will see the long-awaited return of England’s beauty salons and clinics, permitting thousands of beauty patients to receive treatments that have been inaccessible for the best part of a year.

However, the impact of the extended lockdowns and heightened restrictions mean that when beauty clinics reopen, beauticians and cosmetic doctors are likely to see a major change in the beauty habits of their customers. Treatments that are relatively non-invasive but effective over the long-term are set to enjoy a huge boost, as time-poor patients look for long-term, hassle-free solutions amidst skyrocketing demand and the threat of potential future lockdowns. Research from Uvence echoes this sentiment, revealing that over 6 million people (15%) in Britain are looking to undergo a cosmetic procedure in 2021, over and above their regular beauty treatments. This comes as over a third (36%) of people are reporting clear signs of premature ageing in the pandemic.

The events of the past year have changed the beauty habits of the nation, with tweakments and regenerative treatments looking to dominate the beauty landscape in the coming months. Where patients have been unable to access regular procedures and top ups of their favourite treatments, practitioners are anticipating that the level of demand will skyrocket, and superficial treatments such as facials, chemical peels, semi-permanent brows and even treatments like fillers and Botox will simply not be as accessible as they were previously.

There has been a significant shift in what patients are now seeking, with increasing numbers inquiring about long-term solutions to improve their skin and appearance, over and above dermal fillers and Botox which have historically been very popular. Uvence is an example of the natural cosmetic treatments available – the procedure utilises the regenerative potential of one’s own purified cells for skin rejuvenation, improving the overall texture and plumpness of skin over the long-term. Treatments such as Uvence, alongside permanent tweakments such as brow lifts, neck lifts and minor cosmetic surgeries, will certainly become more popular as the demands of patients focus on long-term solutions in the new landscape of beauty post-COVID.

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