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5 steps you should take before undergoing a cosmetic procedure

The ‘Zoom Boom’ has led more people to consider cosmetic treatment than ever before. Now, Uvence shares 5 stages of preparation to take before having treatment.


As Britain emerges from lockdown, there has been a major increase in demand for various kinds of cosmetic procedures.

Clinics across the country have received more enquiries than ever before, and searches for terms such as Botox and cosmetics clinics around London and other cities have skyrocketed. One of the main reasons behind our new-found desire for cosmetic enhancement has been put down to the ‘Zoom Boom’. Thousands of people have been driven to change their appearance after months of seeing their face through the unforgiving lens of video calls in lockdown.

This surge in demand is no doubt welcomed by Britain’s clinics, but some surgeons and doctors are concerned that more patients may suffer psychological distress or physical consequences as a result of rushed, or even botched, procedures. As people scramble to book the first available treatments, many are likely to consider cheap options and quick fixes. Instead, surgeons are recommending that people slow down and take the time to choose the procedure that’s right for them.

With this in mind, here are 5 steps to take to ensure you are ready for your cosmetic treatment.


Reflect and research

Many people dive headfirst into cosmetic treatments without truly taking the time to reflect upon the change they want to see in their bodies, and why they are so invested in seeing such a change.

Before even starting the process of choosing the right procedure and finding a good clinic or surgeon, anyone considering surgery should spend a considerable amount of time thinking about their desire to alter their appearance, and the reasons behind it. Even minimally invasive procedures like Botox or dermal fillers can have serious consequences if applied poorly.

If you’ve reflected and are committed, then do your research. Find out all you can about the treatment you want, what it entails in terms of financial and physical cost, and what the after-effects may be.

Look around

Find a clinic and a surgeon who has the right qualifications to carry out your procedure. Hearing the stories of botched surgeries or even simple filler procedures in lockdown is frightening, and the risk of damage from poor quality surgery is high. There are dozens of Botox and cosmetic clinics in London alone, so there are plenty of options available.

Fully qualified Plastic Surgeons will be on the GMC Specialist Register for Plastic Surgery. Try to find a few different surgeons who offer the treatment you’re looking for, and speak with every single one of them about the procedure, their approach, and what to expect.

Ask the right questions

Before choosing a surgeon and signing up for a procedure, it is essential that you find out as much as possible about the surgeon, their experience, and the treatment itself. Don’t be shy – when consulting a surgeon, ask as many questions as you can about the procedure, its effects and costs, the surgeon’s experience, and any preparative measures you can take. This will help you be as involved as possible in your treatment and feel comfortable with your surgeon.

Take a break before committing

If you’ve taken all of the steps outlined above and everything checks out, it’s time to sleep on it. When you’re wrapped up in your procedure and feeling the excitement or nervousness about what’s in store, it is best to press the pause button before the final step to ensure that you want the surgery and to make sure you feel at ease with the surgeon who will be treating you.

Beware of pressure from free consultations, time sensitive discounts and other offers influencing your choices and decisions. For your own safety, you should disengage and take a little time to yourself before making your decision final.

Be aware of aftercare

The final thing to consider before going into the operating room is the process of aftercare. Many patients sign up for surgery, only to discover later that the recovery time can be quite extensive, and the results may not turn out exactly how they imagined it. Before undergoing your procedure, ensure you are fully informed on the aftercare and recovery process. Don’t forget that your imagination may not perfectly resemble the reality of your treatment.

You can find out more information about what to consider and how to approach cosmetic procedures on the British Association for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) website here.

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