2021: The Year of Rejuvenation - Uvence A Revolutionary Treatment
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2021: The Year of Rejuvenation

2020 was a period more detrimental than ever to our physical condition. For the year ahead, cosmetic treatments will focus on rejuvenating our bodies from the inside out to undo some of the damage.

2020 has been a brutal year in many respects with Coronavirus having far-reaching consequences, but the impact of the pandemic on our physical wellbeing, in particular our skin and general appearance, has been devastating for millions.

New data from Uvence has found that 3 million Brits have admitted that the increased number of zoom meetings – and heightened focus on their face – have made them think about cosmetic or plastic surgery options. What’s more, over a third (36%) of people have reported clear signs of premature ageing, and 6 million people (14%) report that they look at least 5 years older due to the stress of the pandemic.

With this in mind, we are likely to see a developing trend in the coming months that will see the rise of regenerative treatments in the beauty industry and cosmetic treatment arena. Whilst superficial tweakments such as facial fillers, Botox and face/neck lifts have dominated the lion’s share of the cosmetic treatment market for some time, regenerative procedures such as PRP and ADSC can harness the regenerative potential of the body’s own cells and effectively boost the vibrancy and long-term health of our skin.

Given the minimally invasive nature and incredible effectiveness of such procedures, it’s likely that the demand for regenerative treatments is only going to increase throughout 2021 and beyond, as patients feeling the negative effects of the year that was 2020 search for an effective way to combat ageing and improve their health as well as their appearance.

Regenerative treatments are the future of beauty, because they can harvest the rejuvenative properties hidden within our own cells, and reinject them to boost recovery, repair cells, and rejuvenate our skin. Whereas regular cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery can alter our appearance, regenerative treatments can actively combat ageing, and help you to maintain or even improve your physical health as well as your appearance over time.

These ‘bio-hacks’ will become mainstream within the next few years, and the lockdown periods of 2020 allowed surgeons and companies to focus on research and development, which has led to some considerable innovations in the efficacy and accessibility of regenerative treatments.

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