Will biofiller become our new best friend in cosmetics? - Uvence A Revolutionary Treatment
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Will biofiller become our new best friend in cosmetics?

The past few years have been a whirlwind for the cosmetics arena, with consumers constantly looking for the next best beauty-fix. However, new advancements in the field of biotech have played a significant role in diversifying the nature of treatments. On top of this, our changing attitudes towards fat – which have become significantly more positive – have fed into which cosmetic procedures are set to be most popular in 2021.

Fat has always been somewhat of a taboo word in the context of ‘beauty’ – but this is beginning to change dramatically. Cosmetic predictions for 2021 see fat transfer procedures high up in the ranks, indicating that there has been a fundamental shift towards more positive attitudes around fat. Using our own purified cells in cosmetic treatments offers a whole host of benefits, and it is this premise exactly which underpins the Uvence treatment.

Nano-fat transfer is one of the most exciting developments in the field of natural, regenerative treatments, and goes to show the power that is hidden within our fat cells. By extracting a patient’s fat and purifying it, we are now able to make injectable treatments which actively rejuvenate and regenerate a patient’s skin. The Uvence procedure demonstrates how the beauty industry is becoming increasingly future facing, as it epitomises the revised understanding of fat; that it is not our enemy, but our friend.

Nearly 30,000 cosmetic surgeries are carried out in the UK alone, year on year. However, while the number of cosmetic patients remains stable, the underlying consensus of beauty does not, as fat transfer procedures like Uvence are now leading the way in the top-line treatments set to dominate the year ahead. Uvence, an example of an innovative biofiller, offers a naturally based alternative to traditional cosmetic procedures which use artificial toxins.

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