The Truth About Cosmetic Treatments - Uvence A Revolutionary Treatment
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The Truth About Cosmetic Treatments

In a two-part documentary that aired on BBC One, “The Truth About Cosmetic Treatments” gave the British public a glance into the world of cosmetic treatments and examined the growing popularity of the non-invasive treatment industry.

Michael Mosley and Mehreen Baig investigated the rise of non-invasive facial procedures, spoke with patients who had undergone botched treatments, and looked at the next generation of new procedures.

The cosmetic surgery industry is worth over $22 billion worldwide and only seems to be becoming more popular, as younger people opt for ‘tweakments’ and baby botox to retain a youthful aesthetic.

What is behind this increase in demand, however, is less clear. Despite some horror stories, demand for botox and filler has never been higher. The Cadogan Clinic, one of London’s premier destinations for cosmetic procedures, has experienced a 100% growth in procedure bookings vs. this time last year.

However, millions of Brits are wary of cosmetic procedures due to the risks associated with cosmetic surgery and even non-surgical treatments such as dermal fillers and Botox, which utilise synthetic substances to alter the appearance.

The Uvence treatment – a 100% natural treatment to revitalise skin

Uvence is a revolutionary treatment that combines micro-fat extraction, purification and cryogenic preservation to offer a 100% natural cosmetic treatment, to actively rejuvenate skin. The treatment harnesses the body’s self-repair mechanism – your own purified live cells – to reset the ageing process and eliminate the possibility of rejection or botched results. After extracting and purifying a small quantity of a patient’s fat to make “Super Enriched Tissue”, Uvence creates 100% natural injectables which can be used anywhere on the body to visibly rejuvenate, smooth and soften skin almost immediately, which lasts for several months.

Not only does the treatment represent a completely natural alternative, but it also provides a long-term solution – the “Super Enriched Tissue” can be cryo-preserved for up to 5 years, meaning that patients can benefit from multiple injections to boost their skin over the course of several years. The service is already available in a number of London-based clinics, and is being rolled out to clinics across the UK later this year.



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