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The side effects of a pandemic on our appearance

How has living during a pandemic impacted our physical and mental health?

The Coronavirus pandemic represents one of the biggest threats to global public health in history, resulting in billions of people being impacted worldwide both physically and mentally.

A recent King’s College London survey has showed that around 50% of respondents state they have put on weight during lockdown and almost 30% revealed they have been consuming more alcohol. This will inevitably cause health implications as well as the potential to affect an individual’s mental wellbeing. Therefore, it is crucial for us to be looking after ourselves and putting our physical and mental health first.

This pandemic has resulted in a ‘new norm’ which nobody was prepared for, meaning that of course diets and lifestyles have changed (and not necessarily for the better). The increase in stress, lack of Vitamin D and a different diet has led to negative implications on our bodies. For example, increased alcohol intake dehydrates our bodies and skin, as well as disrupts sleep which can cause dark under-eye circles. Significant changes in working practices, in particular working from home, and reduced opportunities to socialise in public settings, have meant that skin health and appearance has become much less of a priority for many people in 2020.

With the country exiting widespread lockdown in recent months, however, many people are attempting to find quick fixes to enhance their appearance. Thousands of people, who before lockdown had strict beauty regimes and regularly visited salons and clinics, were suddenly unable to do so for a long period of time. This has led to a huge increase in the number of beauty clinic enquiries and booked procedures.

Countries around the world have reported a major uptake in cosmetic procedures, and the UK is no different. The Cadogan Clinic in London recently reported a 100% increase in booked procedures vs August 2019, showing just how popular cosmetic treatments have become.

However, Uvence recently carried out national research to find that over 6 million people are considering getting cosmetic treatment, but are put off by the synthetic substances which would be introduced into their bodies.

As the focus shifts to patients seeking a more natural look which enhances their own individuality and features, Uvence offers a unique approach to help clients feel better in their own skin. Not only does this treatment provide natural results, but it also offers long-term solutions, with the personalised injectables be cryo-preserved for up to five years.

Uvence utilises a patient’s own fat cells which are extracted, stored and harnessed for their rejuvenating properties, which can then help to improve problem areas around the skin. This therefore aims to improve not only the physical wellbeing of your body and skin but also what’s beneath it, in terms of your mental wellbeing and self-esteem.


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