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The new ‘abnormal’: lifestyle changes in lockdown have affected our skin

As we endure yet another period of national lockdown, our lifestyles have again been flipped on their heads. With our everyday routines thwarted by intermittent lockdowns for the best part of a year, many of us have not just fallen out of our usual habits but have adopted some strange new ones.

However, though some of these changes have been for the better – and others for worse – what one may not initially expect is that these abnormal habits can actually yield a damaging impact on both our bodies and our skin.

Sleep is one area which likely comes as little surprise – with stressful news agendas impacting the quality of our sleep, as well as an uptake in abnormal sleeping schedules, our body clocks have been reset alongside our natural ability to repair our own cells.

Research shows how half of Brits state that their sleep has been disrupted due to the pandemic, with 60 percent saying this is partially down to financial worries. Plus, where adults are meant to receive at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night, getting less than this or disruption during sleep inhibits the restoration process of our skin, reducing the amount of time the skin has to repair and damaging its overall quality and texture.

Physical activity is another area which has found a new abnormal – and one which is particularly divisive amongst Brits. Where many of us have started to exert ourselves less due to a lack of motivation and the closure of gym facilities, others have met the other end of the spectrum, using lockdown as an opportunity to lose weight and improve their fitness. One study from King’s College reveals how 48 percent of Brits put on weight during lockdown last year, which in extreme cases can cause the skin to lose its elasticity and lead to sagging over time.

All of us – to varying extents – have experienced extreme lifestyle changes since the beginning of the pandemic. Whether this be unusual sleeping patterns or simply lacking enough physical activity; we’ve all succumbed to the impact of lockdowns in one way or another.

Yet this new ‘abnormal’ has inadvertently become the new normal, and it’s actually having a far greater impact on our health and skin than many of us would ever initially assume. Sleep in particular is one of the most common areas of disruption during the pandemic, which can significantly halt our bodies ability to repair. Our skin especially feels the impact of disrupted sleep, where many of us will experience increased dryness and dullness due to our new abnormal sleeping patterns.

Natural cosmetic remedies and treatments can help to address the skin issues many of us are facing as a result of the pandemic’s impact on our lifestyles. Though not the sole solution – as attempting to change our newly adopted lifestyle habits is the primary way to combat this – they can help to give us a helping hand in the rejuvenation process. Uvence is a natural cosmetic treatment which utilise one’s own cells, harnessing the body’s recuperative potential for beneficial results.


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