Sustain Health - September 22, 2020 - Uvence A Revolutionary Treatment
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Sustain Health – September 22, 2020

Uvence’s research has been featured in Sustain Health. Nearly 4 million women in Britain feel that they have visibly aged at least five years, due to the stress and anxiety of the pandemic. This is leading to millions of women looking for natural treatments that avoid the use of synthetic substances or the risk of invasive procedures.

Dr Olivier Amar, one of Europe’s leading aesthetic consultants and cosmetics business leader Reece Tomlinson have pioneered a revolutionary treatment, Uvence, which addresses the demand for all-natural skincare solutions, offering access to regenerative and personalised treatments.

In the article, Dr Olivier Amar discusses the research into the sentiment of Brits towards wellness and beauty in the pandemic and shares insight into the development of the innovative Uvence treatment.

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