Pretty Slow - January 18, 2021 - Uvence A Revolutionary Treatment
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Pretty Slow – January 18, 2021

With the UK in another lockdown and our research showing that 6 million people (14%) in Britain feel that they look at least five years older as a result of the stress of the pandemic, the effects are starting to be visible on our skin.

One of our pioneering practitioners, and also one of the UK’s leading cosmetic and aesthetic surgeons, Dr Olivier Amar, spoke to Pretty Slow all about his secrets to keeping your skin healthy during lockdown.

One of Dr Amar’s secrets to clear skin is taking part in daily exercise. He says “it is a fantastic way to enhance the appearance of your skin because it helps all of the other bodily functions and systems run at their best. It’s also a fantastic stress-buster.”

Other tips include drinking more water, developing a strong sleep routine, and nourishing your body from the inside out.

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