Pandemic pause sparks innovation in the UK’s beauty and wellness arena - Uvence A Revolutionary Treatment
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Pandemic pause sparks innovation in the UK’s beauty and wellness arena

The last 12 months have represented a landmark moment for the beauty and wellness arena in the UK. The first Coronavirus lockdown in Britain resulted in a ‘Zoom Boom’ of cosmetic surgeries and procedures such as Botox and fillers, with clinics across the country reporting a marked increase in new patients emerging from lockdown. All the while, months of lockdown meant that surgeons, cosmetic doctors and beauty experts have turned their focus towards research and development, to create and bring new products to market.

Recent reports from Laing Buisson suggest that the non-surgical cosmetic treatment market is worth over £2bn in the UK alone, with the global beauty market worth over £400bn. Now, as Britain prepares to slowly emerge from lockdown in the coming months, and with research from Uvence showing that 38% of people (17.4 million) think that 2020 has aged them more than any year, the beauty and wellness sector is likely to see rapid growth alongside an explosion in popularity for new treatments and technologies.

One such example of this radical development in the beauty and wellness sector is Uvence, which perfected the cryogenic storage of patients’ tissue whilst in lockdown last year. Uvence combines minimally invasive liposuction and tissue purification with cryogenic storage to make high-end, regenerative treatments available in clinics across the UK. The treatment represents the UK’s first on-demand, natural biofiller treatment, using a patient’s own super enriched tissue to accelerate the skin’s self-repair process and provide immediate and long lasting skin rejuvenation.

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