Botox clinics in London | Alternative treatment from your usual botox clinics
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If you’re looking for
an alternative treatment
than the one you may receive
from your usual
botox clinic in London

Here at Uvence, we provide our clients with a revolutionary and innovative form of natural cosmetic surgery that really makes a difference to how you look and feel.

We use a procedure called “Super Enriched Tissue”. It’s one of the most natural and effective alternatives to botox and dermal fillers on the market, and each and every treatment we administer is personalised to each patient, using their own rejuvenate tissue with zero risk of rejection.

botox clinics in london

botox clinics london

What does “Super Enriched Tissue” mean?

Some botox clinics use dermal fillers and other cosmetic procedures which involve using chemicals and compounds that are potentially toxic or harmful to the patient.

Allergic reactions, blotching, pain, and inflammation are common side-effects to botox, dermal fillers and similar cosmetic procedures.

This is why we’re excited and proud to be the first cosmetic company in the world to offer this revolutionary, innovative, and most importantly effective form of cosmetic procedure.

Our Super Enriched Tissue process involves creating a solution made from your own fat cells.

Meaning, we’re using a solution that’s not 100% foreign to your body, so there is no risk of rejection and the risk of the side effects mentioned above are greatly reduced.

alternatives to botox

Uvence London

To do this, a small amount of cell tissue is extracted via micro or mini liposuction. We’re then able to store these extracts for up to five years, which we do so in an NHS approved storage facility and can use them to administer applications during this time period.

Another important factor to this procedure is that it’s completely standardised. Once you see the difference it makes to wrinkles and lines where you’re being treated, you can be sure another application will yield the same results.

Where can you have this treatment?

Our Super Enriched Tissue procedure is used as a complement to traditional cosmetic solutions offered by other botox clinics in London and can be used in all the same area.

There are four primary areas we can apply this treatment:

Face – We can help lessen the appearance or completely remove lies, wrinkles, and sagging skin on your face. This may include forehead lines, “crow’s feet” and other wrinkles around the eyes, lipstick and jaw lines, and more.

Hands – We can treat excessive wrinkles or sagging skin on your hands. Treatment can also help with excessive sweating of the palms.

Neck – We can tighten up the skin around your neck giving you a smoother neckline and reduce sagging skin when moving your head.

décolletage – By applying treatments to specific areas of your décolletage we can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and give you smoother, more youthful-looking, and feeling skin.

Why is this form of cosmetic procedure so effective?

Our innovative Super Enriched Tissue procedure is used as a complement to other traditional cosmetic procedures and other dermal fillers.

It adds a natural element to the overall treatment, something that can’t be matched by generic procedures. By using cells taken from each patient, we’re able to use their own unique regenerative cells and rejuvenating properties.

This is the first time this procedure has been used worldwide, and we’re incredibly proud to be able to offer this procedure to our patients.

Why choose Uvence?

Here at Uvence we are the first company to offer this personalised Super Enriched Tissue procedure. It’s important to us as a company to stay at the forefront of using cosmetic procedures that are not only the most effective on the market but also the safest.

Because our innovative procedure uses a solution derived from your own tissue, it’s one of the most natural, safest, and effective forms of cosmetic treatments available today.

As one of the leading botox and dermal filler alternative treatments in London, you can be sure you’re in the safest of hands and will receive the highest standard of care and aftercare.