Little and often: how the way we administer cosmetics has changed - Uvence A Revolutionary Treatment
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Little and often: how the way we administer cosmetics has changed

During the past year, the demand for cosmetic injectables has skyrocketed. A significant number of us have become highly conscious of our facial aesthetics and premature ageing as a result of lockdown, with research from natural cosmetics innovator Uvence showing that over 3 million Brits are considering a treatment because of signs of stress and ageing caused by the pandemic.

For people who regularly receive top-ups of their go-to treatments, there appears to be a new preferred approach when it comes to cosmetic procedures. Although there is still a demand for traditional treatments, patients are no longer seeking dramatic surgeries that create any extreme changes in their appearances. This is reflected by the rise of subtle tweakments during the past year – and one of the main differences lies in how they are administered. ‘Little and often’ is the preferred approach by many patients, especially with treatments such as filler, as this aims to create a more subtle and refreshed look.

As well as this, people are becoming increasingly mindful of what is used in cosmetic injectables. Further research from Uvence found that over 6 million Brits have considered a cosmetic treatment, but do not want to introduce unnatural substances into their bodies. In light of this, leading aesthetic surgeon Dr. Olivier Amar and cosmetics business leader Reece Tomlinson have pioneered a ground-breaking treatment, which answers the call for all-natural skincare solutions. The Uvence treatment purifies a patient’s own fat cells to create 100% natural and personalised injectables, representing an entirely natural, fast-acting and long-lasting solution to combat the ageing process and revitalise skin.

The cosmetic industry has witnessed a huge increase in people now signing up for procedures and treatments in the weeks preceding the reopening of the beauty industry. As clinics have now reopened their doors after months of lockdown, people who have never considered getting a treatment before have also been getting in touch to organise consultations and learn more about their options, and it is expected that naturally based treatments like Uvence will become increasingly popular.

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