Gallery - Uvence A Revolutionary Treatment
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Results are long lasting, and results improve over time, by improving skin health. Results will vary from patient to patient due to different lifestyle variables.

How did the name Uvence come about and what does it mean.

Enhancing your beauty doesn’t have to involve synthetic substances. We believe the best tool for rejuvenation, is you.
Our 100% natural cosmetic treatment uses your own tissue which is purified and then reinjected into your chosen areas.

After micro-liposuction, the patient’s own fat cells are processed in a lab and preserved cryogenically and stored. Once the patient is ready for their injection, the cells are delivered to the clinic. Dr Olivier Amar takes a look into a Uvence box to see how the patient’s own cells are delivered pre-injection.

Wondering where abouts on your body you can have a Uvence treatment? One of our regular patients Sarah says she’s looking at having her next dose of Uvence target her hands to reduce the appearance of her veins.

Uvence is the ultimate answer if you are looking to rejuvenate your skin from the inside out – as using your own cells is one of the best ways for you to turn back the clock and refresh your skin.

Mr Bryan Mayou, the founder of the Cadogan Clinic has been discussing Uvence and how it is a huge advancement in non-surgical skin rejuvenation.
He says Uvence is taking non-surgical cosmetics to a very new level: “This is a reliable technique, quality controlled, safe and very convenient for the patient and the surgeon. We’re going to see some amazing results.”